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Native American Research Internship at the University of Utah

The Native American Research Internship is a dynamic summer research opportunity for qualified undergraduate junior and senior students who are interested in health science or biomedical careers. It is a 10-week, paid summer internship funded by the NIH. The internship focus is to provide Native American students an outstanding laboratory or clinically based research experience working alongside world-class research faculty at the University of Utah. The goal of the internship is to support the academic, career, and personal development of Native American students who are interested in health science. Interns will perform research approx. 32 hr/wk and undergo professional development approx. 8 hr/wk. 

Application Deadline: 2/6/2017

Program Dates: 5/30/2017 - 8/4/2017

For more information, visit the NARI website

December, 2016