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Navigating the U as a CBS Student of Color Discussion

The purpose of this conversation is to provide a safe space for students to share their stories and to learn from their peers about the resources and practices that have helped them successfully navigate campus, with the goal of supporting each other in their day to day experiences.

Students will have the flexibility to decide if they would like to continue as a peer support group and/or what other action steps they would like to pursue after the first meeting.

Date of Event: Thursday, March 29, 5-7 p.m
Location: Coffman, President’s Room
Pizza will be served, please RSVP for food count.
You may come and go as needed, however, we would like students to stay as long as possible.
Learn more and RSVP at

Students will be divided into 8 small groups and will have 6-8 questions to work on, at the end we will engage in larger group discussion. Questions will touch on sharing your story/journey, issues or challenges you have faced that is unique to your experience to coping mechanisms and maintaining cultural identity.

The conversation will be facilitated by CBS student peers Sabrina Ratsamy and Neema Moin Afshar and the following staff members.

Rebecca Luebbert
Assistant Director of Career Development
College of Biological Sciences

Mick Castro
Assistant Residence Director  
Sanford & Wilkins Halls at University of Minnesota

Alex Abraha
Assistant Residence Director | 17th ave and Keeler apartments
Housing and Residential Life
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

March, 2018