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Neuroscience Minor

The neuroscience minor will be available starting this fall semester!

Fall 2012 program admissions requirements, prerequisites and minor requirements are listed below and are available in the undergraduate catalog. This minor is open to all students at the University of Minnesota. To declare the minor, students may submit the appropriate minor declaration form once he or she has successfully met the prerequisite. Forms may be found here:
Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or above and successfully complete the first course (NSCI 1001) with a C or better before declaring the neuroscience minor.
Minor Requirements:
- NSCI 1001: Fundamental Neuroscience: Understanding Ourselves
- NSCI 1100: Human Neuroanatomy
- NSCI 3001W: Neuroscience and Society
- Additional elective (at least 3 credits)
The neuroscience minor provides an in-depth contemporary understanding of how the nervous system functions in both health and disease. The goal of the minor is to provide instruction that will enrich the curriculum through an array of academic majors. As we will all experience the impact of nervous system disease ourselves or through family members and/or friends, instruction in this minor will offer insights into the nervous system that students can utilize throughout their lifetimes.
If you have any questions regarding the neuroscience minor, please contact CBS Student Services at 612-624-9717.