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New Course for CBS Majors: 1 Credit Seminar

Biol 3700: The Human-Animal Relationship
Spring 2014; 1 credit
4:00pm-5:15pm, Wednesdays, 512A STSS

This seminar is designed for and limited to CBS majors.  In it, we will explore philosophical, ethical, and practical aspects of our interactions with animals, first on a personal scale (as pets, food, recreation, work animals, pests), then focus on our interactions with animals in our scientific work (e.g., in medical, behavioral, ecological studies.) While we will usually be studying this from the Western culture viewpoint, we will also look at animal use in other cultures.  In the end, the student will have a background to move toward a deeper understanding of this complex relationship.  There will be weekly readings (10-30 pages) that will be used as a basis of discussions and reflections and one longer term paper in a relevant area of the student’s choosing.  Class time is used for discussion.  No exams.

Required textbook:  “Some we love, some we hate, some we eat” by Hal Herzog, 2011.
Instructor:  Jane Phillips