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New course: Math 2241

Prerequisites: Math 1241 or 1271 or 1371 or equivalent | Credits: 3

This course provides an introduction for developing, analyzing, and interpreting mathematical models of biological systems. We will cover a variety of different mathematical approaches and draw on examples from biological systems. Throughout this course, our general goal is to use mathematics as a tool for gaining a deeper understanding of biological systems and their dynamics.

The specific learning goals of this course are:

  1. Introduce the connections between biological questions and mathematical concepts.
  2. Develop the mathematics of dynamical systems, linear algebra, and probability through modeling biological systems.
  3. Explore the utility of using mathematical tools to understand the properties and behavior of biological systems.
  4. Develop facility in interpreting mathematical models and the conclusions based on the models.

To help students achieve these learning goals, Math 2241 will use an active learning format for class instruction. The lecture material will be posted online in the form of videos and text that will be watched and read at home. In class time will be spent working through problems and projects in groups.

Instructors: Duane Nykamp (Mathematics), Allison Shaw (Ecology, Evolution, Behavior)