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New Environmental Course Offerings in American Indian Studies for Spring 2013!

Two unique classes will be taught through the Department of American Indian Studies:  

AMIN 3312
American Indian Environmental Issues and Ecological Perspectives
3 Credits | Tu/Th 2:30-­‐3:45
Topics Covered:

  • A broad survey of American Indian environmental issues in the U.S. and Canada.
An understanding of American Indian traditional ecological knowledge systems and how they both contrast with and complement Western science.
  •  How to approach and critique debates surrounding the romanticization of American Indians as “ecologically noble.”

And much more!

AMIN 3314
Natural Resource Management and Environmental Policy in Indian Country
3 Credits | Tu/Th 11:15-­‐12:30
Topics Covered:

  • History of the colonial exploitation of American Indian lands and resources
  • A history of tribal land management programs.
  • The successes and obstacles of contemporary tribal natural resource management.

And much more!

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