New GCD Courses

GCD is offering a couple of new classes in the coming semesters!


GCD 5111: Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy is an essential technique to probe the inner workings of cells and tissues. You will learn hands on the inner workings of fluorescent microscopes, how to set up and acquire fluorescent images using microscopes, and how to quantitatively analyze image data using FIJI (ImageJ) software. Undergraduate students require instructor permission for enrollment.

Graduate students are allowed to register for 5111 without instructor permission. Will count for CBS majors in the following ways: COP: upper division elective; EEB: lab/field requirements; GCD: lab/field requirement; NSCI: lab/directed research requirement

FALL 2019

GCD 3486: Personal Genome Analysis
In this course, students will analyze their personal genome data. They will gain experience using computer applications and online databases of human genetic information. They will learn about their ancestry, their regional origins, and their risks of genetically linked disease. They will learn how to put human genome results into context and how to explain human genomics in non-technical language. Prerequisite is an introductory biology course and Biol 3020 is recommended. Counts as an upper division elective for students in the Biology major and GCD major.

April, 2019