Participate in National Survey on Bats for a Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card

Lydia Nixon, PhD candidate at North Dakota State University, is looking for undergraduate University of Minnesota students to respond to her survey study. Her lab is conducting a research study about peoples’ perceptions of bats and how those perceptions may have changed since the beginning of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) pandemic. If you choose to be part of the study, you will complete an anonymous survey that asks basic questions on a range of topics such as general knowledge about bats, feelings towards bats and other wildlife, and experiences with SARS-CoV-2. They are seeking participation from undergraduate students only across all academic majors.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. After submitting the questionnaire, you may choose to be entered into a drawing to win one of 20 Amazon gift cards worth $50. Unless you choose to enter the gift card drawing at the end of the survey, they will not collect any personal information. If you do choose to enter the gift card drawing, you will need to provide your email address. This information will be received and stored separately from your survey responses and will not be linked to those answers.

You are invited to participate by CLICKING HERE to complete this anonymous survey!

February, 2022