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Pharmacology Course Opportunities

There are two Pharmacology courses offered in Fall 2013 that could be of interest to students contemplating careers in medicine, biomedical research or the pharmaceutical industry:

1. PHCL 2001 Basics of Pharmacology: A Drug¹s Fantastic Voyage. This new course is designed as an introduction to the basic principles of pharmacology, and the only prerequisite is a first-year chemistry course.
2. PHCL 4001 Mechanisms of Drug Action.  This is also an introductory course that covers some of the same material as PHCL 2001 but at a more advanced level. Biochemistry and advanced biology courses are recommended as prerequisites or should be taken concurrently.  The course is consistently evaluated highly favorably. It is a good option for senior students who may not be sufficiently challenged by PHCL 2001, and it is an approved CBS elective for Biology, GCD and Neuroscience majors.
Both courses can fulfill requirements for the Pharmacology minor, and more information can be found at