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Pharmacology Minor

Are you interested in pharmacology? Learn more about the minor on their website. Minor requirements may be found  in the undergraduate catalog

Also, PHCL 3100 will be taught in Spring 2013 again. PHCL 3100: Pharmacology for Pre-Med and Biological Science Students is suitable for students interested in clinical medicine, biological science research, pharmaceutical industry and the development of modern therapeutic agents - or for those just wanting to know how drugs work. The emphasis will be on the big picture of “therapeutic drugs” in general, and the aim is to prepare students for future success in modern medicine, research, industry or matriculation in health science programs. The course will also briefly introduce concepts in modern drug design, such as gene and cell therapy and the application of pharmacogenomics. (Text: Pharmacology Condensed 2nd Ed., Dale & Haylett, Churchill Livingstones, Department of Pharmacology 2009)