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Photobiology Research Opportunity at the CBS Conservatory

Research Description: Lightning technology is changing and there is a new impetus towards using Light emitting diode (LED) lights, which allow manipulation of specific wavelengths of light. Our interest is what arrays of plant light and their distance from the plants effect plant growth, flowering and production. This project will test four different types of lighting, several LED’s and Ceramic Metal Halide, on the production on multiple species of plant. Students will collect data on the emergence of seedlings, the timing of emergence of cotyledons and first, leaves as well as other morphological traits.  Students interested in learning about growing plants as well as their biological light requirements are welcome.

The project will be in the Spring 2016 semester. Students do not need any previous experience, we will provide the training on the job.

Contact: Lisa Aston Philander ( 612 625 4788. Learn more on the Conservatory website