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Pizza & Patents

The University of Minnesota Law School is launching a one year masters degree program for scientists and engineers interested in pursuing a career in the field of patent law.
Join us for a fun-filled patent primer for scientists and engineers. Starting with the story of the "Cheese Crust Pizza Patent" you'll learn what a patent really is, what it takes to get one and, more importantly, how to come up with patentable ideas of your own. *This particular event is specifically designed and geared towards CBS majors and STEM-related majors*

Plus, there's free pizza!
Here are the event details:
Pizza & Patents
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
This event is presented by Chris Frank, Program Director of the Master of Science in Patent Law Program (MSPL). The Master of Science in Patent Law Program is proposed to launch in the fall of 2014.  An application for acquiescence has been filed with the American Bar Association and is currently pending approval.  Please contact the program director for updated program status: Chris Frank | 612-625-4819 |