Plant Immunity Gene Discovery Directed Research

Do you want to do research in biology, but you cannot commit many hours? You may be interested in doing Directed Research in plant immunity gene discovery!

Directed research

What is the project about?
Yes, plants have an immune system to protect themselves from pathogens. We will discover plant genes that are important in immunity in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

How does the project work?
This is a team research project. We are hoping to have about 5 students working together. How am I going to contribute? You will work in the lab on the St Paul campus for 5 hours per week (the time is pretty flexible) and participate in the weekly project meeting (will be determined according to members’ weekly schedules). If you want to spend more hours for more credits, that can be arranged.

What am I going to learn?
Experimental design and planning; Experimental techniques in plant immunity research; Proper recording of experimental results; Principles and applications of genetics; Management of team research; How to work in a team environment. I don’t have any research experience… No problem. You will learn it in this course.

I am interested. What should I do?
E-mail Dr. Katagiri at

I am interested, but I can’t do it this semester…
This course will be offered next semester as well. Contact Dr. Katagiri in November.

August, 2019