Position in the Voytas Lab

The laboratory of Dr. Daniel Voytas on the St. Paul campus is currently looking for sophomore or junior undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving cutting edge genetic engineering systems in crop plants. This position is a great opportunity for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences. While prior lab experience is a plus, it is by no means required. Students who are accepted will gain skills in: Molecular cloning, plant rearing and genetic screening, and methods of genetic modification

We currently are undertaking several projects involving plant developmental reprogramming to enable genetic engineering. The end goal of all the projects is to develop technologies that can enable both basic plant research as well as the generation of novel genetic traits in crop species.

This is NOT a technician job, you will be trained to be a scientist, with participation in journal clubs and lab meetings and are eligible to register for research credits. As students gain more experience and skill they will be given increasing independence. Research activities may lead to scientific publications and the skills you gain will be broadly applicable to both grad school as well as biotech industries.

We are looking for students who can commit 15-20 hours a week to lab work (hours can be flexible depending on mentor availability and independence).

If you are interested please contact Michael with your CV (mmaher@umn.edu).

September, 2018