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Printing credit and door access update in BioCommons

$10 CBS Printing Credit
All CBS undergraduate students now have a $10 printing credit each semester for the BioCommons printer (100 double-sided pages). This is automatically added to your UCard each semester and you can use it by swiping your UCard at the Print Release station. The Biocommons printer will use this account by default until your balance reaches $0.00. At that point, you will be charged the discounted rate of $0.10/page on your Gopher Gold account. The print credit will rollover from fall to spring semester, and then be reset to $0.00 at the end of each spring semester. More Information

To handle the increased usage of the printer, paper will be restocked on a scheduled basis starting next week. This should keep the printer ready for use at all times.

Next month, you can also use your printing credit on a new printer in the basement hallway of the Biological Sciences building in St. Paul. We’ll send out another announcement as soon as this new printer is in place.

BioCommons Door Repaired
The old lock on the BioCommons door has been replaced with a new proximity card reader. Any CBS undergraduate student can unlock the door by placing their UCard in front of the reader.

If you have any questions or if you have trouble using the BioCommons printer or door, please contact CBS-RLT