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Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy - Fall 2017

Fluorescence microscopy is an essential technique to probe the inner workings of cells and tissues. Yet, few students have a clear grasp of how a fluorescent microscope works and how to quantitatively analyze the large data sets it generates. You will learn ‘hands on’ the inner workings of fluorescent microscopes, how to set up and acquire fluorescent images using microscopes, and how to quantitatively analyze image data using FIJI (ImageJ) software. Graduate students will gain confidence in the acquisition and quantitative analysis of their own image data. Undergraduate students who proceed to graduate school, medical school, or the biotech industry will find that quantitative microscopy skills provide them an essential competitive edge.

For fall 2017, students can register for BIOL 5950/GCD 8920 to study this topic more. 

May, 2017