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Research Assistant Position at the Minneapolis VA

The Wetlab of the Cognitive Neuroimaging Study at the Minneapolis VA is seeking a research assistant to manage DNA testing in the wetlab.  Candidate will design or use established PCR protocol for gene of interest, take inventory of lab technology and chemicals, and research genetic technology and gene of interest extensively. Ideal candidate should have proficiency and experience with PCR and the multiple variants of the technique. Must also be familiar with the pre- and post-PCR  protocols from lysing the DNA sample to sequencing the amplicon. Candidate must be comfortable with foundational biology and chemistry lab technologies and methods. Candidate must have exemplary problem-solving skills in order to cross-reference and pin-point contradictions between methods and aims of study and journals cited in study protocol.  Although the part time position is unpaid, requiring 10-15 hours of commitment each week, it is an excellent launching pad to students seeking to pursue a career in genetics. Candidate would be under the direct supervision of U of MN faculty member and Minneapolis VA doctoral level-clinician. Interested candidates should send resume, cover letter, and (unofficial) transcripts to

December, 2017