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Research Opportunity in the Tiffin Lab

Project overview: Cities are among the most heavily altered of human environments, and are hotter, drier, differ in in air quality, and have altered biodiversity compared to neighboring rural areas. Thus cities represent novel environments that are heavily anthropologically influenced. Understanding adaptation and acclimation to urban environments will be important for urban biodiversity and conservation; for management for urban parks and potentially green roofs.

Experiment objective: To determine if plant populations between urban and rural environments display adaptive trait differences, the lab conducted transplant studies and collected plant samples that need to be measured. The lab is looking for motivated students to help with basic measuring and data entry. Students will also have the opportunity to come up with their own research questions, and may also get involved with other projects in lab as well as attend lab groups to get immersed in the world of scientific research.

Specific duties would include:

  • Measure plant samples, weighing plant material
  • Label seeds and samples, and organize accordingly
  • Input data to be analyzed

Expectations: The ideal candidate would work approximately 8-10 hours weekly on a flexible schedule. This project has potential to generate follow-up independent work and research posters, and students may have the opportunity to continue working through summer. Research experience looks great on a resume!

If interested, please contact Mohamed Yakub ( by February 14th.  Please include a resume/CV and a short, one paragraph letter describing your interest in the project or research in general. Lab work would start immediately.