Special topics course: Bioremediation: New Approaches and Trends

BIOL 3700-001, Catalog #68749

Spring Semester 2021
Class Instructor: Reda Aboushanab, PhD

Course Description

Ever increasing human activities including agricultural, urban, or industrial are a major source of environmental pollution. Toxic metal pollution of waters, air, and soils is one of the potential problems, which is an enigma for scientists how to tackle this problem that has threatened the environment. Bioremediation is simple, can be applied over large areas, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. The use of genetic engineering to further modify plants for uptake, transport, and sequester metal opens up new avenues for enhancing efficiency of phytoremediation. Various bioremediation approaches adopted to remediate contaminated sites and major concerns associated with phytoremediation as a sustainable alternative are reviewed and discussed.

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January, 2021