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Student Lab Assistant positions in CBS Greenhouse

The College of Biological Sciences Greenhouse (CBS GH) is looking for three Student Lab Assistants.  These jobs offer you a convenient on-campus location to grab some paid work hours and work experience. 

Two of the positions are “collections care” positions.  For these, we are looking students who really love plants.  Their primary responsibilities will be to help care for the diverse living plant collections at the CBS GH, and assist with general collections maintenance. These jobs will include watering the collection, repotting plants, weeding pots, propagating a diverse array of plants, and other collection maintenance requirements.

The remaining position is the “laboratory propagation” position.  For this one, we are seeking a student who is highly organized.  This student will be responsible for assisting the greenhouse manager with the propagation and delivery of living plant materials for laboratory courses.  The CBS GH serves the needs of a number of courses in several departments, so keeping the plants arriving properly and on schedule takes attention to detail.  This student will plant seeds and take cuttings on a schedule, and may assist with delivery and return of collections plants from laboratory transfer locations.

All three positions are 8-10 hrs/week at $9.00/hr, and will report directly to the greenhouse manager.  You must currently be enrolled as a student at the University of Minnesota, in good standing, and be able to provide proof a tetanus shot in the past seven years.  Reliability and dependability are critical!  You don’t necessarily need a lot of expertise or experience with plants, as we are happy to teach you as you go, although those qualifications are a plus.  Work study funds preferred, but not required (that detail can get explained in full before or after you apply).

If interested, please send a cover letter stating which of the positions you are applying for, explaining why you would be good at this position, and resume to  Applications will be reviewed as they arrive, so these jobs are expected to fill quickly.