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Student Lab Attendant jobs available in the CBS teaching labs

There are a number of student jobs available in the CBS teaching labs to help the full-time staff prep for classes, set up labs, clean up labs, do dishes, take care of animals, and other miscellaneous duties to keep our labs running well. These are student positions (so you need to be enrolled in at least 6 credits), pay $8.40 per hour, and require whoever is in the job to be reliable since my staff depend heavily on the help in order to have labs set up on time and, if applicable, animals well cared for. All jobs require you to complete online safety training (for which you would be paid.) For some jobs, you also will need to complete animal care training and do some occupational health requirements, including having a current tetanus shot.

We love to have people stay with us semester after semester! (Although we don't have much work during the summer, so mostly these are fall/spring semester jobs.)

Interested? If so, please send Jane Phillips ( the following:

1. a resume and class schedule,
2. indicate if you are interested in working with animals (most of which are fish),
3. indicate if it matters which campus (St. Paul or Mpls), although that will limit the number of jobs for which you may be considered
4. indicate if you can start the week before classes begin or if you won't be back in town until classes begin (okay to be either... just want to know.)

Note that the class schedule is usually the limiting factor since we have specific times we need help.

Thanks! Jane Phillips