Student Mental Health Panel Prevention & Resilience

Come hear CBS undergraduate student, among others, present on Student Mental Health Panel: Prevention & Resilience. The event is part of President Gabel's inauguration week (Sept 16-20) activities and is supported by Call to Mind, Minnesota Public Radio's initiative to foster new conversations around mental health. 

Event Details

What: Student Mental Health Panel: Prevention & Resilience, one of the panelists is a CBS undergraduate student

Where: Northrop Plaza

Who: Free and open to the public. Join online for live streaming.

When: Wednesday, September 18, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Nearly 1 in 5 students on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus report a mental health condition diagnosis in the past year (slightly lower than the national average), 42.2% in their lifetime. Student mental health is a critical topic across the University of Minnesota and the nation, and it is a priority for the University’s new president, Joan T.A. Gabel. 

In this panel discussion, student, faculty, staff, and clinician panelists will explore student mental health through the lens of prevention and resilience. Aspects they’ll cover include: 

● Early warning signs of a mental health condition; 

● The toll mental health issues can take on students’ academic experience and well-being; 

● Its associations with other stressors and risk-taking behaviors; 

● What steps each member of the U of M community can take to create an environment that best supports student mental health; and 

● Resources and support systems available at the U of M. 



Stephanie Curtis, Senior Producer of The Thread, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) 



● Leslie Kent, Undergraduate Student, U of M College of Biological Sciences 

● Kaz Nelson, MD, Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Education, Department of Psychiatry, U of M Medical School 

● Nina Hernandez Beithon, Diversity Liaison Counselor, U of M Student Counseling Services 

● Sandra Olson-Loy, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, U of M Morris 


September, 2019