Summer Course:  Physiology of Humans and Animals (BIOL 3211)

Are you looking to fill your Organismal or COP core requirements, or to learn more about how human and animal cells and organs work? If so, BIOL 3211 - Physiology of Humans and Animals is being offered for the first time in the summer, Mondays and Thursdays 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Zoom, during the short 8-week summer session from June 7 to July 29.  

This 3-credit course is an intermediate level comparative physiology course, in which students explore the varied strategies used by organisms across phyla to solve the basic challenges faced by all animals, including humans. Topics include circulation and blood flow, homeostasis, nervous and endocrine signaling, reproduction and sex determination, body temperature regulation, metabolism, and several others.  You'll learn about lots of unique animal adaptations to extreme environments, and about how your own body functions.   

Check out the syllabus and course schedule or contact the instructor, Sarah Malmquist, with any questions.

March, 2021