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Summer Course in the Boundary Waters

CSPH 5000, section 001: Journey into Nature, Journey into Self: An exploration into wellbeing and leadership
3 credits

Imagine traveling to rugged and remote Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness  (BWCAW) for five days immersed in the beauty of the north woods. Here you will develop leadership skills and come to know yourself while camping, hiking, canoeing and wild crafting. You will explore ancient shores while paddling in primitive areas used by the Ojibwe people and Voyageurs or hike along the Border Route Trail overlooking the vast Canadian/Minnesota border. You will work as a team to carry packs and canoes over portage trails', prepare meals and course lessons. 

This back-country experience requires participants to become a high-functioning group that is able to communicate effectively, make decisions and take on challenges. It is the perfect backdrop for self-reflection and learning how to facilitate and foster leadership skills.

This course includes class time in June, Moodle assignments in July; along with the five day adventure in August.

Course Evaluation includes:

1.  Group initiatives - 50 points
2.  Reading assignments and reflection papers - 50 points
3.  Lesson plan and delivery - 100 points
4.  Culminating paper - 100 points

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