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Two Paid Undergraduate Positions Available

Two positions are available immediately to study the biodegradability of fracking chemicals computationally. The project is complementary to ongoing research funded by the National Science Foundation and a Minnesota Futures grant on matters related to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The undergraduate research assistants will be part of a larger effort that deals with one facet of treating contaminated water derived from fracking, an issue of considerable national importance.

The project is completely computational, involving the use of a biodegradation prediction software tool developed at the University of Minnesota (Profs Lynda Ellis and Larry Wackett) and now maintained in Zurich, Switzerland. The software will be used to visualize biodegradation pathways and, via our 5-part Likkert-scale of probability for each reaction, quantitatively determine likelihoods of the pathways and overall biodegradability of different chemicals.

If you are a highly motivated individual and would like to contribute to efforts to make hydraulic fracturing more environmentally friendly, please contact Professor Larry Wackett at the e-mail address below.
Larry Wackett
Professor, BMBB and BioTechnology Institute