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#UMNCareerChat - Mentors: We All Need Them in Our Lives

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 | 12:00pm-1:00pm (Central Time) 

Many times as students and professionals we seek mentors along our journey. Sometimes it is a formal relationship through a college program and sometimes it is informal through meet-ups and conversations with others who can relate. This interactive chat is for you whether you're in the early stages of seeking a mentor, considering becoming a mentor, or you just want to learn more about why it is important. Learn tips and join in on the Twitter conversation about how mentors can help shape your professional path.

How it works

All alumni, students, employers, and friends are encouraged to follow or join in on the conversation via the #UMNCareerChat hashtag (search for the hashtag and include it in your tweets). There will be a series of questions tweeted out by the unit lead account and we will also have a handful of alumni tweeters and/or content experts helping contribute to the conversation. 

July, 2016