Undergraduate positions available in the Costa lab

Dr. Kyle Costa’s lab is looking for highly motivated undergraduates with an interest in environmental microbiology and molecular biology. Our lab studies the metabolism and physiology of methanogenic Archaea: the major producers of methane gas on Earth. Current projects include 1) developing genetic tools for the study of methanogens, 2) characterizing the metabolic basis of biofilm formation in methanogens, and 3) genetic analysis of energy metabolism. For more information, visit our website (costalab.umn.edu).

Successful canididates will:

  • Have a strong work ethic.
  • Be able to work around 10-15 hours a week (hours can be flexible).
  • Have the motivation to pursue an independent research project.
  • Ideally be in their freshman, sophomore, or junior years.

Note that previous research experience is not required. Also, there is an opportunity for Directed Research or to apply for UROPs. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Kyle Costa (kcosta@umn.edu) with your resume and a short description of your research interests.

December, 2019