Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Resources - September 24

Voytas Lab 
The laboratory of Dr. Daniel Voytas on the St. Paul campus is currently looking for sophomore or junior undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving cutting edge genetic engineering systems in crop plants. This position is a great opportunity for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences. While prior lab experience is a plus, it is by no means required. Students who are accepted will gain skills in: Molecular cloning, plant rearing and genetic screening, and methods of genetic modification. Learn more.

Ten Thousand Families (TenThousandFamilies.umn.edu) Undergraduate Research Assistant
The University is conducting a research study of what we hope will become 10,000 Families Study because health, diseases and risk factors can run in families. The study is multigenerational study and will help us understand how genetics and shared habits contribute to health and disease. The goal is to enroll 10,000 Minnesota families with young children, their parents, siblings, and grandparents.

We are looking for undergraduate research assistants who will be trained to assist with health fair measurements such as anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, hearing and vision screens, lung function, grip strength, memory and other health assessments. Students will also be a part of the study enrollment and recruitment team. Learn more.

Li Lab
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a public health crisis. Currently, no effective strategies to prevent or slow AD exist, largely due to the lack of a complete understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to AD pathophysiology. 
This opportunity is for UROP and/or directed research. Possible projects include: 1.) Development of immunoprecipitation protocols to isolate plasma lipoproteins, 2.) Optimize trypsin digestion protocol to digest plasma lipoproteins, 3.) Comparison of different methods to isolate plasma lipoproteins, 4.) Characterize size distributions of isolated plasma lipoproteins. Learn more.

September, 2018