Undergraduate research opportunities in conservation biology

Ruth Shaw Lab

Interested in gaining research experience? Want to learn about plant adaptation to climate change? Apply for a position in the Ruth G. Shaw Lab! The lab is seeking research volunteers to work 6-10 hours per week during Fall 2019. These positions offer skill building opportunities in field and laboratory work 

Opportunity 1 - Lab work: Do thicker leaves increase Chamaecrista fasciculata fitness in drier environments? 

Work will involve processing previously collected leaf samples from three sites along an aridity gradient to determine specific leaf area in a laboratory setting. Student will work independently in the ecology building on the Saint Paul campus. No prior experience is necessary. Ideal candidate will be able to work independently, be organized and pay attention to detail, and have good communication skills. 

Opportunity 2- Field work: What is the adaptive capacity of Chamaecrista fasciculata along an aridity gradient? 

Work will involve overnight trips to three field sites in Minnesota and South Dakota to collect seed pods. Lodging, transportation, breakfast and dinner provided. No prior field experience necessary but ability to work outside for extended periods of time at remote sites is required. Field trips will occur in September. Dates TBD. 

Interested in applying? 

Contact Anna Peschel at pesc0043@umn.edu 

Please attach a CV/resume and a short paragraph describing why you are interested in applying and any past research experiences or related coursework. 

Learn more at ruthgshaw.wordpress.com

August, 2019