Undergraduate research opportunities in plant evolutionary ecology

Interested in gaining research experience? Need directed research credits to graduate? Apply for a research position in the Moeller Lab!

The Moeller Lab is seeking research volunteers or directed research students to work 6-10 hours per week during Spring 2019.

The Moeller Lab is seeking motivated undergraduate(s) for research position(s) for 6-10 hours per week during Spring 2019. Your main project will be investigating rapid evolution in a California annual plant, Clarkia xantiana, in response to the California mega-drought, with potential for independent student-led projects after the first semester. For a synthesis of the first portion of the project, see the attached poster, prepared by an undergraduate researcher in the Moeller Lab.

Tasks will include:

  • Data collection on key plant traits relating to water use
  • Greenhouse work and plant maintenance
  • Processing of plant and seed samples

Interested in applying? Contact John Benning at jbenning@umn.edu

Please attach a copy of your CV/resume (including undergraduate courses taken) and a short paragraph describing your research interests and why you are interested in applying.

Learn more at moellerlab.wordpress.com

December, 2018