Undergraduate research opportunities in plant-fungal ecology

Moeller Lab

Interested in plant-fungal interactions and want to gain research experience? Want to do directed research but curious to explore the subject first? Apply for a research position in the Moeller Lab! The lab is seeking research volunteers, with potential for directed research opportunities in future semesters, to work 4-8 hours per week during Fall 2019 

The Moeller Lab seeks motivated undergraduate(s) for research volunteer position(s) for Fall 2019. Your main project will be helping with research exploring genetic and environmental influences on fungal endophyte communities in a California annual plant, Clarkia xantiana, across its native range, with potential for independent student-led directed research projects after the first semester. To learn more, see attached project proposal or email muellert@umn.edu.

Tasks include:

  • Processing of plant samples and seeds
  • DNA extractions and other wet lab work
  • Fungal culturing
  • Field experiment preparation

Interested in applying? Contact Taz Mueller at muellert@umn.edu. Please attach a copy of your CV/resume and unofficial transcript, and a short paragraph describing your research interests and why you are interested in applying. Learn more at moellerlab.wordpress.com.

August, 2019