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Undergraduate research opportunity with Dr. Khodursky

Dr. Khodursky has an undergraduate research position open to undergraduate students. Please read the description below for more information:

Research Description: Our lab focuses on developing a model of how antibiotics “take advantage” of dividing or resting bacteria in order to kill them. We are also interested in evaluating various strategies that bacteria can deploy to survive bactericidal conditions.
Our objective is to sensitize resistant bacteria to existing antibiotics. If successful, our research may have significant clinical and even societal impact, and we will learn a lot of interesting biology in the process. To achieve our objective we rely on genomics, molecular and cellular biology, genetics and statistics.

Projects: We have a variety of projects available. Initially, you will work closely with another lab member to learn the necessary techniques. The goal for you is to quickly become independent in carrying out your own experiments.

You : We are looking for outstanding undergraduates majoring in Microbiology, Genetics, or Biochemistry. Previous lab experience is helpful but not necessary. What we value most is enthusiasm, dedication, ability to learn quickly and work in a group. If you are curious about science, interested in research and have good hands, the chances are you will work with us for at least a couple of years.

Students interested in applying to this position can contact Dr. Khodursky, including materials, at