Undergraduate Research Opportunity in the Hunter Lab

The Hunter Lab (Department of Microbiology and Immunology) is looking for sophomore or junior undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving microbial genetics, proteomics, mouse infection models, primary cell culture, and anaerobic bacterial culture to study the microbial ecology of chronic respiratory disease.

While prior lab experience is a plus, it is by not required. Students who are accepted will gain skills in:

  • Computation techniques
  • Anaerobic bacterial culture
  • Separation chromatography techniques
  • Imaging

There are several potential projects that span studying the in vivo bacterial activity in cystic fibrosis sinus and lung environments, bacterial interactions with respiratory mucins and host, and the chemical/nutrient composition of the mucus. The end goal of all the projects is to develop better therapeutics to combat chronic respiratory diseases.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in journal clubs and lab meetings and are eligible to register for research credits. As students gain more experience and skills, they will be given increasing independence. The skills a student will gain are broadly applicable to both grad school as well as biotech industries. 

The ideal candidate can commit 15 hours a week to lab work (timing can be flexible depending on mentor availability and independence). If accepted, the student should be able to start as soon as possible. Note this is a volunteer position with a potential for paid opportunities in the future.

Please contact Ryan Hunter (rchunter@umn.edu) with your CV to apply for an interview.


April, 2019