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Undergraduate Research Position in the Shima Lab

The Shima lab is currently looking for highly motivated sophomore/junior undergraduate researchers who can work this summer and beyond (through directed research, work study, and UROP etc.). They use mouse models and cultured cells to decipher important questions in cancer biology. It is widely known that the vast majority of cancer cells have defects in DNA replication. Therefore, they are particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms how mammalian cells achieve faithful DNA replication, because such mechanisms contribute to cancer prevention. Moreover, their research findings may provide clues to the development of new cancer therapies. 

Undergraduate researchers in their lab are trained and treated as future scientists.  They are seeking candidates who have a strong work ethic and a clear career goal in biomedical sciences (preferentially by pursuing graduate research).  Priorities will be given to those who can stay in our lab for at least two semesters. 

If interested, contact Dr. Shima by e-mail with a copy of your résumé.

June, 2016