University of Minnesota Stem Cell Biology Master's Program

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding program in stem cell biology?

The Stem Cell Institute at the University of Minnesota, the first such institute in the United States, offers an academic- and research-focused Master’s degree in Stem Cell Biology. The program is currently looking for students who may want to go on to study in medical school, veterinary medicine, or biomedical engineering, as well as pursue careers in research labs in industry, medicine, and academia. Stem cell biology is a growth field that will be in high demand as the needs of regenerative medicine increase.

The Stem Cell Institute has 49 faculty members from 17 departments throughout the University. Students in the Master’s program benefit both from coursework taught by these faculty and by hands-on experience in a mentor’s research lab. More detailed Information about our 16-month program Master’s program is available on the SCI website.

December, 2018