Virtual Bridge to the Doctorate Workshop 

The TRIO McNair Scholars Program and Louis Stokes NorthStar STEM Alliance are hosting a 90 minutes Virtual Bridge to the Doctorate Workshop in a late April!

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Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. (CST)


Hosted by:  The University of Minnesota’s Louis Stokes NorthStar STEM Alliance and TRIO Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program.

Are you a first-generation college student and/or from a disadvantaged or underrepresented community? 

Have you ever thought about pursuing a doctorate degree or going to graduate school but do not know where to start exploring?

If so, this 90-minute interactive workshop is intended to inspire, inform, and get you started on your journey. The workshop will address “why pursue a doctorate?’ by highlighting the extraordinary career versatility a PhD offers from academics, research, industry, etc.---along with the critical need for more doctorates across disciplines. Participants will hear from a panel of PhD’s representing STEM, social science, and professional doctorates. The event will conclude with breakout rooms where participants can ask questions specific to broad discipline areas, learn about specific resources (including paid research and graduate school programs) and create an action plan to learn more and engage campus resources. 

Check out this short welcome video for more information and why you should attend.


• Welcome and Why Pursue a doctorate?

• Doctorate Panel Discussion

• Resources & Action Plan Breakout Rooms by Discipline (STEM/Social Science/Professional Degree)

April, 2021