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Work-Study Position: General Laboratory Maintenance for the Mortari Lab

The Mortari Lab performs human tissue engineering and bioprinting research. The lab has a work-study position available for an undergrad student in the College of Biological Sciences or College of Science and Engineering. The position will provide the student with an opportunity to start at the ground-level of a regenerative medicine research laboratory and begin building tangible research skills for their future career.

The position will entail restocking consumables, cleaning and sterilizing research equipment, performing maintenance checks on laboratory equipment, learning sterile technique, disposing of biohazardous trash, and other general tasks.

This position has the potential to be recurrent; if the student exhibits proficiency in these general tasks in the first semester, the position can evolve into one where the student will assume more responsibility, learn more complicated laboratory procedures, and potentially perform their own research.

We are looking for a student who is responsible, ambitious, and punctual. No prior laboratory experience is required. The student will receive full training on all procedures from the laboratory managers, as well as relevant safety training.

Required: Student must have work-study funds awarded to them for the upcoming semester. This position is only funded through work-study.

Start Date: March 2018
Staring Hourly Rate: $10/hour
Weekly Commitment: 5-10 hours/week
Location: Mortari Lab, Masonic Cancer Research Building

Point of Contact: If interested in the position, please contact Daniel Sorby at If you have a resume, please attach it to the email (although not required).

February, 2018