Work in the Voytas Lab - 2 positions available

Dr. Daniel Voytas Lab is seeking to welcome TWO sophomore or junior undergraduate students to join the lab. These positions are for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences. Please note, depending on what position interests you, there are different contacts.

  • These are not technician jobs. You will be trained to be a scientist, with participation in journal clubs and lab meetings and can register for research credits/UROPS based on your departmental restrictions. As students gain more experience and skill they will be given increasing independence. 
  • The skills you will gain will be broadly applicable to both grad school as well as biotech industries. 
  • Both positions require 10-15 hours a week commitment to lab work. Hours can be flexible depending on mentor availability and independence.
  • While prior lab experience is a plus, it is by no means required.

Position 1 

Projects include developing new genome editing technologies and engineering photosynthesis to improve yield and abiotic stress tolerance in C3 plants. Students who are accepted will gain skills in:

  • Molecular cloning
  • Genome editing
  • Photosynthesis engineering
  • Plant rearing and transformation

If you are interested please contact Degao Liu ( ) with your CV to apply for an interview. 

Position 2

Projects involve cutting edge genetic engineering, virology and synthetic biology in crop plants. Students who are accepted will gain skills in:

  • Molecular cloning
  • Plant rearing and genetic modification
  • Viral engineering for biotechnology
  • RNA extraction and qPCR
  • Python coding and data analysis

There are several potential projects that are span modifying the pathways with which plants make chemicals, the developmental programs that control plant shape, or re-engineering plant viruses to rapidly generate transgenic plants. The end goal of all the projects is to develop technologies to combat hunger and malnutrition around the world. Watch a video describing some of the work and an introductory panel discussion about plant synthetic biology.

If you are interested please contact Arjun Khakhar ( with your CV to apply for an interview. 

December, 2019