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Y Healthy Kids Matter - Mentoring Program

What do cooking classes, sports, mentoring and fruits across the ocean have in common?

They’re all ways University YMCA college students and Minneapolis youth have come together to live healthy!

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Where: U of M campus University YMCA (UY). The UY is located at 1801 University Ave SE—right on frat row

What: Y Healthy Kids Matter - Mentoring Program

Who: YOU! Looking for volunteers to mentor elementary-aged youth 1-2 days per week!

Program Description:The Y Mentors: Healthy Kids Matter program serves elementary-aged youth at after school sites within the Twin Cities. Healthy Kids Matter is an extension of the Y Healthy Kids Initiative. The program strives to address and reduce childhood obesity, improve community health and wellness and engage both youth and families around living a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. The Healthy Kids Matter program provides an opportunity for college-aged student mentors to act as positive role models for young people and build meaningful relationships with the youth and their families. As these relationships solidify, the college student mentors engage with their mentees to build a positive view of the young person’s personal future. College mentors work with youth in small and large groups, engaging them in cooking and other hands-on curriculum activities focused on health, nutrition and wellness from a holistic approach. Kids will be encouraged to be physically active for 30 minutes a day as recommended by the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards (HEPA). Programmatically, college student mentors will incorporate elements from the Center for Spirituality and Healing's Wellbeing Model into the health practices. The balance of body, mind, and spirit directly correlates with academic success and creates a holistic approach within a health living program.

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