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About BioLine

Abbey Robinson and Judee Sharon, MCDB&G and BMBB Ph.D. students, gain daily inspiration from Nature briefings — succinct, witty and effective science communication pieces. It’s a welcome respite from the trough of poor science communication out there. The two started talking and decided to start a blog/newsletter featuring pieces written by College of Biological Science researchers about recent findings and ongoing work. The experience will give students and researchers practice communicating their work and will help spark conversations between potential collaborations.

With help from the CBS Communications team, the idea evolved into CBS BioLine — a platform consisting of a blog and a newsletter meant to connect research disciplines within the College. The blog includes layman’s summaries written by students/researchers about recently published works and other stories about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of doing science.

While Bioline is currently specific to CBS, organizers hope to expand the platform to include content from other colleges, further promoting the goal of closing the gap in communication between science and non-science communities.


Abbey Robinson and Judee Sharon stand outside MCB wearing masks with the molecule behind them.