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Podcast episode | Meet Lab Manager Anita Porath-Krause

When Anita Porath-Krause first joined the Borer-Seabloom lab, she was pretty new to ecology. With a PhD in evolution, she wasn’t new to research, but the experimental designs were very different. Alex connects with Anita to hear about her journey and projects that excite her.

Droning on about bees and blossoms

Bumblebees thrive in Minnesota’s diverse prairies, but will their prosperity continue with climate change? Scientists at the University of Minnesota are using drones to find out.

It’s just barely 10 in the morning, and already the hot sun is lifting the night’s dew from the prairie grass. The rustle of wind through tall green leaves makes a shhhh…shhhh…shhhh sound, almost loud enough to drown out the hum of a tiny (and very fuzzy) engine.