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Contribute to BioLine

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to BioLine! The research we work on is important and should be celebrated. It’s also a critical part of training to effectively articulate our work to those outside of our fields. We hope that your involvement will help you become a better science communicator and highlight your hard work as a UMN researcher.

Want extra support? 

We regularly hold BioLine Boot Camps to guide writers through the process. They are four 2-hour sessions over the course of 6-8 weeks. Sign up for the Fall 2022 offering. Sessions begins October 26.

If you want to get an email when the next Boot Camp is scheduled, email Claire Wilson at .

Potential writers

Any UMN undergraduate, graduate student, postdoc, or researcher. 


  • Published research with a co-author from a UMN lab. Ideally within the past year.
  • A story from the field or lab!
  • Experience at a recent conference you attended.
  • Anything else you think is worth sharing with other researchers 


  • Research summaries — Want to share findings out of your lab or another UMN lab? Write a summary about the manuscript. Keep it under 400 words and make it accessible to someone outside of the field.
  • Vignettes — Tell a short story, craft a poem or share a reflection. This does need not focus on research findings. 
  • Science Art — Want to share a comic strip, field sketches or lab musings? Share away.


All submissions will undergo review. Writers are encouraged to get feedback from peers before submitting.


The full length piece will appear on the blog. Summaries will appear in the newsletter. 


View additional guidelines and submit here.