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Podcast episode | Meet Professor Eric Seabloom

A professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, Seabloom shares memories about the early days of the Nutrient Network and talks about the impact the global experiments have had so far.

Eric Seabloom in the field

The Pandemic Changed How I Think About Science Communication

How the power of story sharing, honesty and empathetic listening moved people and changed their opinions about COVID-19.

After a year of working with the Minneapolis Health Department calling people who tested positive for COVID-19, I don’t know how many calls I’ve made, but I keep chugging away at an ever-growing list. When I check one name off, another dozen are added.

POV: what constitutes environmental racism

In my own neighborhood I have seen environmentally racist strategies allow the slow execution of people of color. I have seen how undervaluing my community and the mistreatment of black and brown people is justified by the institutions responsible for decision making and resource distribution. I have seen how labeling people of color as careless and uninformed when it comes to environmental issues somehow equates to them as undeserving of access, opportunity, power, autonomy and happiness.