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Meet the BioLine Writers


Abbey Robinson

Abbey RobinsonAbbey is a MCDB&G Ph.D. student in Assistant Professor Kate Adamala's lab. She works on engineering and constructing communication systems for synthetic minimal cells. Abbey garnered an interest in science communication as an undergrad when she gave her first poster presentation and came to the stark realization that if she continued in science, she'd have to explain things. As someone who once hated English class, writing has become one of Abbey's favorite things about science and she hopes to help other students find a passion for writing as well. She is a co-founder.  

Judee Sharon 

Judee SharonJudee is a BMBB Ph.D. candidate in Assistant Professor Kate Adamala's lab. She builds new functionality into cell-free systems and synthetic cells to more effectively understand how communication occurs between living cells. After finishing her Ph.D., Judee is interested in entrepreneurship. She understands the importance of being able to communicate scientific ideas to a wide audience—whether the audience is made up of community members or venture capitalists. With BioLine, she hopes to introduce a platform that empowers CBS researchers to strengthen their communication muscle while exchanging ideas across disciplines. She is a co-founder.



Caitlin Looby

Caitlin LoobyCaitlin is a Grand Challenges in Biology Postdoctoral Fellow in CBS working with Jennifer Powers and Jessica Gutknecht. She has a range of science communication, writing and reporting experience, writing for radio, magazines, university media and local news. Her bylines include The New York Times, The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate, Mongabay, Loh Down on Science, Pacific Standard and others. She is also freelance editor and teaches science communication seminars.


Claire Wilson

Claire WilsonClaire works as a Content Strategist on the CBS Communications, Marketing, and Advancement Team. She focuses on developing stories to highlight the work of CBS faculty, researchers and students. She worked alongside Abbey and Judee to kick off CBS BioLine.