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BioLine Research Summaries

Staying tuned to invasive carp

How sound could help keep the Mississippi safe from invasive species.

You may have had the harrowing experience of accidentally pressing your car’s panic button, suddenly turning a quiet parking lot into an ear-piercing nightmare. When used intentionally, this tool is a crime deterrent, sending the bad guys running while you push through the loud sound to travel safely to your destination.

The light at the end of the tunnel: bioluminescence’s fight against the climate crisis

UMN scientists use fungi to create a fluorescent glow in plants – a discovery that researchers hope to use to guide insects to pollinate flowers.

A small bumblebee travels swiftly through the air, searching for a flower to pollinate. It scans the field for vibrant colors and aromatic smells but finds that its timing is off. Flowers typically blossoming at this time of year don’t look quite ready, and the flowers it usually pollinates next month are already in full bloom.