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BioLine - sharing bio-related research beyond the bubble

BioLine is a graduate student-led blog and email newsletter centered on sharing recent bio-related research findings and stories. The aims of BioLine are three-fold: 

  1. Provide researchers practice communicating their work to new audiences,
  2. Increase communication about research among students, and
  3. Celebrate the work of student researchers.

The success of BioLine relies on contributions from the UMN research community. Learn more about its origin story and the nuts and bolts of submitting

Recent BioLine Entries

Crop Domestication in Action – a thread through time revolutionized by women

As I wound through my research plots of intermediate wheatgrass, the bustling sounds of four lanes of traffic drowned out the electronic sounds my Samsung Galaxy tablet made as I took notes. In stark contrast to those hectic 21st century sounds was the simple swoosh my long pants and sun shirt made as I passed by each plant. My big floppy hat kept the sun out of my eyes, and completed my ‘typical farmer’ appearance. But make it female, I told myself. 

It was 2021, and this was what a plant breeder looked like.

Feeling like a phony

Overcoming imposter syndrome in graduate school.

At 4:30 in the morning, my tiny computer screen and office space radiated light in an otherwise dark Yellowstone wilderness. Normally at this hour, I would be walking around like a zombie getting ready to watch wolves, or maybe sleeping in my cozy bed if it was a desk day. But today is different. Today, I’m wired.

It’s Bearly Worth the Risk

Deciding between danger or data in the field.

Jack hikes in a thick forest

I reached the first clearing in over a mile, and by clearing, I mean I could stretch my arms out without hitting any tree branches. The forest was steep and filled with claustrophobically thick pine and downed trees. I still heard the others bushwhacking, so I waited for them to catch up.