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2016-17 Faculty Senate and College Election Results

The 2016-17 CBS election results are as follows:

University Senate

Newly elected senators

  • Mark Bee, BTL
  • Sue Gibson, PMB
  • Georgiana May, EEB

Continuing senators

  • Anke Reinders, PMB
  • Sue Wick, PMB/BTL

The alternates for 2016-17 are the pool of all faculty and academic professionals eligible to vote for senators.

CBS P&A Senate Elections - Term 2015-18

Formerly the Council of Academic Professionals and Administrators - CAPA

  • Meaghan Stein, BTL (senator)
  • Abby Conover, BTL (alternate senator)

CBS Academic Professional and Administrative Staff Representatives

Consultative Committee

  • Tom Kautz, Dean's Office

Awards and Recognition Committee

  • Gerit Bethke, PMB

CBS Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Clerical Representatives

Consultative Committe

  • Sue Knoblauch, GCD

Awards and Recognition Committee

  • Katie Hoffman, Dean's Office

CBS Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Scientific/Technical Representatives

Consultative Committee

  • Michael Jarcho, BTL

Awards and Recognition Committee

  • Eileen Furlong, BTL



November, 2016