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Advanced NMR workshop

nmr logo and sponsorsProtein Structure and Dynamics: From Soluble to Membrane-Bound

JUNE 15-19 2015

This summer, the Minnesota NMR Center offers a NEW incarnation of their annual “hands on” advanced NMR

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn methods applicable to both soluble and membrane-bound proteins. Not only will students and postdoctoral associates familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art multidimensional techniques in solution NMR spectroscopy, but they will also be given an introduction to solid-state NMR methods and an opportunity to apply them to membrane-bound proteins. Lectures will be given by UMN professors and NMR staff as well as guest speakers from other institutions, including some of the world’s premier experts on protein NMR.

Featured speakers

  • Leanna McDonald, UMN
  • Giuseppe Melacini, McMaster U.
  • Todd Rappe, UMN
  • Paolo Rossi, Rutgers
  • Gopinath Tata, UMN
  • Marco Tonelli, NMRFAM
  • Gianluigi Veglia, UMN
  • Vincenzo Venditti, Iowa State
  • Vitaly Vostrikov, UMN
  • Youlin Xia, UMN

Details and registration information online or e-mail