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An award-winning approach to career planning

CBS Student Services staff member Rebecca Dordel receives accolades for career-readiness course.

Rebecca Dordel with MCPA award

Rebecca Dordel, career coach in CBS Student Services, recently received the Innovations in Student Development Award from the Minnesota College Professionals Association (MCPA) for her course on career readiness. Titled “Career Planning for Biologists”, biology 2001 helps students engage in career readiness as students write résumés and practice interview, while also focusing their interests into future career areas.

“In biology 2001, students select of one of four tracks, which allows them to choose more specific content to work on outside of the classroom that is most relevant to their current career exploration and planning goals,” says Dordel. “Students also work in small groups with other students who have chosen the same track as they have, making in-classroom content more relevant because they are discussing the topics with students who have similar goals.”

MCPA offers this award to professionals in the field of student affairs who create a new approach to a student-related issue. Dordel hopes her approach to engaging with students’ mindset about how to think about career planning will make a lasting impact.

“I want students to know that most people do not select a career and then strategically work towards it,” Dordel says. “The goal is for students to engage in things like research talks, career fairs or career panels knowing that this type of exposure can end up playing a profound and unexpected role in their career exploration.”

January, 2018