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Café Scientifique: The Power of Poisons

Tuesday, February 17 | doors at 6 p.m. program at 7 p.m. | Bryant Lake Bowl

What can we learn from animals that possess natural defenses to toxins? SnakeProfessor Sharon Jansa and graduate student Danielle Drabeck have studied the honey badger, a mammal with a taste for poisonous snakes and a surprising resistance to snake venom. Tonight they will introduce us to the anthropological and cultural interpretations of toxins through a scientific lens. Their upcoming journal article explores the development of venom resistance in more than 40 species.

Sharon Jansa is the Bell's curator of mammals and an associate professor in the University's Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Danielle Drabeck is a 3rd-year Ph.D. student.

Tickets $5-$12 | purchase online or at door



January, 2015